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We reviewed ADATA’s XPG SPECTRIX D45G DDR4-4133 memory kit. Is it worth the price? Check out our review below to see whether this ADATA RAM kit is right for you.

spectrix front packaging
ADATA’s XPG sub-brand has recently been releasing solid enthusiast-grade components that are punching with the high rollers of the gaming space. The mother company itself has always been a big player in the DRAM and flash memory spaces.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that its gaming subdivision is fairing well. In terms of RAM, the SPECTRIX line has been making a lot of waves, and for this review, we’ve got our hands on a pair of the D45G DDR4 models at 4133 MT/s. Although they’re not quite as extreme as the D50 line, these two bad boys are still a reliable pair for demanding gamers and for those who want to squeeze out every ounce of performance they can get.


The XPG SPECTRIX D45Gs memory kit has the following base specifications.

Speed DDR4-4133 MT/s
Rated Timings 19-23-23
Capacity 2 x 8 GB
PCB Type 8 layers
IC Hynix
Form factor 288-pin DIMM
Voltage Advertised 1.2-1.45V
Operating Temperature 0°C – 85°C
Dimensions (L x W x H) 133.35 mm x 45.26 mm x 8.2 mm
Weight 2 x 66g
Warranty Limited Lifetime

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What’s In the Box?

There’s not much you can expect from a box containing RAM memory sticks and the XPG SPECTRIX D45Gs don’t stray away from the norm. However, the box itself screams gamer from across a crowded Best Buy. Just by looking at this bright red packaging, you know that you’re getting something that’s made with the enthusiast in mind. The cutout portions on the back showcasing the DIMM modules and a sticker detailing the operating voltage, timings, and XMP profiles is a nice touch.

spectrix back packaging

Opening up the box, you’ll find the two units snuggly placed in a clear plastic casing that holds them firmly in place. Outside of the two units, there’s nothing else to be found. Even though the casing looks like a clamshell, it requires no scissors as the top portion can be easily removed.


The most striking aspect of the D45Gs is their rugged design. Just by holding these RAM sticks in your hand, you can feel the weight of the protective, grooved armor. We attempted an extremely gentle bend and can confirm that this hard outer shell is definitely the real deal. Aside from keeping your DIMM modules safe and secure, the grooved aluminum exterior acts as a heatsink or heatspreader that passively dissipates heat. This aspect comes into play primarily when the 1.5 V XMP profile is enabled. In a nutshell, XMP is the “easy mode” of RAM overclocking. Through software, you can easily change the voltage and settings of your memory by selecting different profiles. When you consider how much of a headache manual overclocking of memory is, XMP is a godsend.

spectrix in plastic

Speaking of XMP, the D45Gs also support Intel’s XMP 2.0. This enables you to do all of your memory overclocking business directly from your operating system. No more resetting your PC to dive back into BIOS because you chose the wrong settings. ADATA also claims that these sticks work flawlessly with AMD platforms with full compatibility for regular operation and overclocking. This may not necessarily mean you’re going to squeeze out better performance versus an Intel-based system, though. Tests from other outlets are showing that the performance is lacking slightly when the D45Gs are running inside an AMD ecosystem. Naturally, your mileage may vary.

The real showstopper of these ram sticks is the RGB light diffusers. From the outset, they look like they’re made from frosted glass, which makes for some slightly muted hues that look less exaggerated without compromising whatever color effect you choose. The size of these diffusers is also extremely generous. The angular look feels modern and more in line with gaming components, such as motherboards, in terms of design aesthetic. And the RGB party doesn’t stop there. Going back to the box, we can see that the D45Gs are fully compatible with a wide array of ARGB controller software. Whether you’re using ASUS Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSi Mystic Light Sync or ASRock RGB LED, these RAM sticks can be synced up with the rest of your rig’s light show.

Available Kits

The XPG SPECTRIX D45G line comes in the following kits and packages.

Kit Speed Capacity Rated Timings Model
Single 3600 MT/s 8 GB 18-22-22 AX4U36008G18I-CBKD45G
16 GB 18-22-22 AX4U360016G18I-CBKD45G
32 GB 18-22-22 AX4U360032G18I-CBKD45G
4133 MT/s 8 GB 19-23-23 AX4U41338G19J-CBKD45G
Dual 3600 MT/s 8 GB 18-22-22 AX4U36008G18I-DCBKD45G
16 GB 18-22-22 AX4U360016G18I-DCBKD45G
32 GB 18-22-22 AX4U360032G18I-DCBKD45G
4133 MT/s 8 GB 19-23-23 AX4U41338G19J-DCBKD45G
4400 MT/s 8 GB 19-26-26 AX4U44008G19K-DCBKD45G

Should I Buy the XPG SPECTRIX D45G DDR4-4133?

A high-caliber set of RAM memory sticks like the D45Gs is a fast and reliable piece of kit that will run smoothly in most gaming setups. So, unless you’re working with a rig that aims for the lowest spec possible, these RAM sticks will work just fine.

The main issue is the price. This 16 GB kit will run you roughly $140-150. For that kind of money, you want to get the most out of their full capabilities. To achieve that, you’ll need a pretty beefy gaming rig with some seriously high specs, even if you’re not overclocking. It is recommended that you have at least a high-end Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 processor. At this CPU tier, there are models that can match the clock speed of the 4133 version of the D45Gs.

If you’ve got the rig to run these sticks, then you’ll definitely want to make good use of their RGB capabilities. If you don’t have some already, grab a few RGB fans and make sure you can control them through one of the apps mentioned earlier in this post. Having the LED show in your case be perfectly in sync is a big perk of having RGB-enabled components.

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Pros & Cons


  • Generously sized and stunning RGB diffusers
  • Rugged and solid construction
  • Aluminum grooved metal exterior adds to the aesthetic of a gaming rig
  • Excellent for overclocking


  • Quite pricey even for this category
  • Some benchmarks are showing less performance on AMD-based systems

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